Agricultural and construction machine parts

Agricultural and construction machine parts

A practical example from the agricultural and construction machine parts sector:


These bonnets were packaged individually in disposable crates for overseas deliveries. This produced the following disadvantages:

  • Each disposable wooden crate could only hold one bonnet
  • Packaging became costly and time-consuming
  • The risk of transport damage was greater
  • Disposal costs increased
Transport rack with folded sides to save 50% space in empty runs
Two door sections demonstrate a construction which achieves a particularly high storage density. The collapsed transport rack reduces volume to 50% of the original size.
Transport rack with interior safety mechanism. Vehicle body parts are safely transported in FEIL racks.
Transport rack for door sections, reduced to 1/3 of the original volume for cost-effective return shipment.
Transport rack for mudguards. Thanks to this particular construction, the right and the left mudguard can be transported on the same rack.
Stackable transport rack for up to 6 radiators. When collapsed, it can be stacked to reduce volume to 1/3 of the original size.

Job and solution

FEIL's task was to develop a type of reusable packaging with reduced volume for the return shipment. The result was a stackable storage and transport rack with the following advantages:
  • significantly greater packaging density
  • ROI < 6 months
  • packaging times reduced by approx. 80 %
  • transport damage prevention

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