FEIL Cargo-Shuttle

FEIL Cargo-Shuttle

Without interruption and reloading from the supplier through to the point of use! That's easy with the cargo shuttle, which can transport up to four dollies at once, making it the perfect solution for the transport of small parts. Workstations can be supplied smoothly with different materials without any reloading being necessary at all. 

As a split carrier, this tugger train trailer has two parts: the transport rack and the carrier. The carrier can be prepared together with the load, stored and then placed directly on the tugger train. This means no more packing and unpacking, nor reloading. Packaging material is no longer required, because the small parts remain in the same containers from commissioning through to use.

Stable ramps facilitate handling and block sideways movement during transport. Locking brackets to the front and rear provide additional security. When empty, the individual cargo parts can be stacked to save space.

Material can be delivered and picked up at the same time with the cargo shuttle. This reduces the number of empty runs and the use of forklifts. In turn, this lower traffic level increases safety within the company. The improved material flow reduces costs for intralogistics.

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