FEIL GLT-Shooter

FEIL GLT-Shooter

With GLT-Shooter, FEIL has developed a customer-specific system for the transport and transfer of large load carriers. The tugger train system comprises a station of use with rotating table, the cargo shuttle GLT-Shooter and the station for transferring the large load carrier. The special thing about it is that the purely mechanical system has been designed in such a way that a single person can move loads of up to 600 kg by hand – without electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic aids! 

The other features of the train tugger system also make the handling of large load carriers easier. An automatic locking system secures the transported goods; the tugger train trailer can be turned through 360° and pushed sideways out of the train. The shuttle is compatible with most existing tugger train systems and is suitable for a wide range of different large load carriers. Up to 8 tugger train trailers can be transported connected together, the maximum speed being 6 km/h.

drive2dock: This system perfects the fit between point of use and shuttle. The tugger train shuttle GLT-Shooter can be docked onto the point of use or the station reliably and without any problems even after being driven round a corner.

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